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Until now, only major network operators such as United Airlines and Lufthansa had electronic ticket interconnection agreements, but IATA`s mandate to remove paper tickets at the end of 2007 changed this situation by requiring smaller airlines to introduce electronic tickets. All branding and activities of the new Air Italy Company came into force on 1 March 2018. The Meridiana IATA, OACI and AOC codes have been merged with the new Air Italy. The airline`s website has been restarted with re-branding. The planes transferred by Meridiana still uses the Meridiana paint with the title of Air Italy. The Meridiana codeshare agreements and slots have been transferred to the new Air Italy brand. Passengers benefit from Interline agreements in terms of cost and comfort. Many small and medium-sized cities offer a flight service, but often offer only flights to a larger turnstile port, where they are driven from a connecting flight to the final destination. Prices between the smaller airport and the hub city can be high, but an Interline ticket to the final destination is usually significantly cheaper than the sum of the two local fares. In addition, airlines automatically transfer luggage to the connecting airport.

The agreements also apply to irregular transactions in which customers can be transferred free of charge to other airlines. Other irregularities are damage to luggage, delays or losses when the customer only acts with the final delivery company, regardless of which airline is responsible for the irregularity. For members containing multiple products/services, each item may, if necessary, be subject to individual repair. For example, you can collect both government and local taxes. They may deduct state levies on an annual basis and local levies on a monthly basis. The “Cutoff-Tag prorate” setting allows you to set up the Cutoff tag for proportional membership contributions. The default is 15. If you set up your subscriptions on a monthly basis using the deadline, full monthly membership will be calculated if a new membership is added before that cut-off. If a new membership is added after this cut-off, no invoice will be charged to the new member for the month. How to define the Cutoff tag: Interline chords are points of view.

For example, American Airlines may be able to issue the ticket on an American United route, but United may not be able to issue on the same route. A single interline agreement is called a one-sided interline. Airlines may also agree to a bilateral interline agreement in which each airline can issue the ticket to the other carrier. Air Italy was founded on February 19, 2018. At a press conference in Milan, it was announced that Meridiana and its subsidiary, the original Air Italy, which has been part of Meridiana`s companies since 2013, will be merged with the new Air Italy Company. [7] The company has focused on the introduction of a new stable Italian airline, which could become Italy`s flagship airline. Air Italy`s Alitalia competitor, the current Italian airline, had requested the administration on 2 May 2017. The plan also introduced a new branding, a new cabin experience, a new airport lounge and new destinations. During the press conference, the airline expressed interest in joining the Oneworld alliance.

[8] The airline also announced that Qatar Airways has entered into a codeshare agreement with the airline. [9] Interconnection agreements differ from code-sharing agreements in that codeshare agreements are generally linked to the numbering of a flight with the company`s code (acronym), although the flight is operated by another airline. However, code-sharing relationships can affect whether an interline ticket (or e-ticket) can be issued, since the codeshare marketing carrier and the code-sharing operator must


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