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The following example of a regular U.S. passport holder who obtained a residence permit in Spain under a bilateral agreement shows how the agreement works: if you come from a visa requirement country or territory and come to New Zealand for a consultation or medical treatment, you must apply for a visa. If your passport does not meet the following requirements, you will need a visa. This agreement takes precedence over any bilateral agreement or arrangement between individual Member States and Peru, as it relates to matters within the scope of this agreement. Here are some of the reciprocal agreements currently in force between EU and non-European countries, as follows. New Zealand has bilateral agreements with 18 countries associated with Schengen and Schengen. Holders of different categories of Official German Passports receive additional visa exemption in Algeria (diplomatic passports), Ghana (diplomatic, official or service passports), India (diplomatic passports), Kazakhstan (diplomatic passport), Pakistan (diplomatic passport), Russia (diplomatic passports) and Vietnam (diplomatic passports). Holders of diplomatic or service passports from a country have visa-free access to Cape Verde, Ethiopia, Mali and Zimbabwe. Austria has the most visa-free regimes and has bilateral agreements with 27 third countries. Italy also has more than 20 agreements currently in force. While the Schengen visa policy applies to the whole region, bilateral visa-free agreements are concluded between certain third countries and the various EU Member States. The length of stay and other conditions vary depending on the nationality of the visitor, his destination and the type of passport they have.

The visa requirement for German citizens is an administrative restriction on entry by the authorities of other states. As of April 7, 2020, German citizens had a visa or visa in 189 countries and territories upon arrival and obtained the Third German passport in terms of freedom of movement (with South Korean passport), according to the henley index. [1] In addition, the World Tourism Organization published a report on 15 January 2016 in which it places the German passport first in the world (linked to Denmark, Finland, Italy, Luxembourg, Singapore and the United Kingdom) with regard to freedom of movement, with the mobility index being 160 (out of 215 visa-free) , 1, the arrival visa at 0.7, the eVisa with 0.5 and the traditional visa of 0.0). [2] With regard to this agreement, existing bilateral visa-free agreements between Member States and Peru on the condition that persons travelling during their short-term stay to engage in paid work are not covered by this agreement, so that, for this category, the relevant provisions of EU law and national law of the Member States , as well as Peru`s national visa or visa-free law, as well as access to employment, continue to benefit from bilateral exemption agreements Visa requirements allow some non-European passport holders to stay in the Schengen area without a visa beyond the 90-day limit.


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